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Todd's Font Picker

The spirit of boccélism is all about style. In that spirit (and with goading from Todd), we are giving you the choice of 5 different font styles to maximize your ejoyment of the boccélism experience. Select from the pull down menu below, and wait for the page to refresh. Then view the changes in this copy to make your final decision. Once you have made your choice, simply continue browsing.

You are currently viewing the font: Comic Sans MS

This Week's Featured Player

boccelism, It's a blast.

Todd Leopold will be among the honorees at the Fond Farewells gathering at The Ancient & Overgrown Tossing Grounds on April 15th.

boccelism, It's a blast.


Standings for the 2012 APB regular season can be seen here.

Complete statistics and results from the 2011 APB Championship Tournament are now available.

To view the Official All-Time Statistics, download these player stats.

What's your handicap? Take a look here.

Updated 5/22/12

boccelism, It's a blast.

Boccélism Term
of the Moment


(noun) - A descriptive term for a toss which strikes only the rim of one or the other of thebuckets.