boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast.
boccelism, It's a blast.

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boccelism, It's a blast.
boccelism, It's a blast.
boccelism, It's a blast.

American Boccelism Association

The American Boccelism Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the sport of boccelism. The A.B.A. strives to provide national support and guidelines for the regional associations and their affiliated local chapters.

For information about how to register a new chapter send an email to; to complete the registration process email You can also visit the A. B. A on Facebook.

All registered chapters are welcome at the annual National Invitational Tournament, always the highlight of the boccelism year. For details on the administration of the NIT, download the ABA Code of Laws, which includes the most precise and up-to-date version of Tournament Boccelism Rules, also handy for setting up local tournaments and settling casual disputes.

A.B.A. Details

The American Boccelism Association is overseen by a Board of Governors, with representatives from each of five regions as follows (current Board member in parenthesis):

SOUTH, Region 1 - Comprised of all the states of the former Confederacy, plus West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and the United States Virgin Islands. (Gus Glaw - term expires December 31st, 2019)

NORTHEAST, Region 2 - Comprised of New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. (Todd Leopold [Governer-elect] - term expires December 31st, 2019)

MIDWEST, Region 3 - Comprised of those states in the territory delineated by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 (including Minnesota) as well as Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. (Mike Dimitrie – term expires June 30th, 2017)

MOUNTAIN, Region 4 - Comprised of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. (Governor Marshea Vitt – term expires June 30th, 2017)

PACIFIC, Region 5 - Comprised of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa. (Governor Kathleen Turaski [Governor-elect] – term expires June 30th, 2019)

Each Governor is elected to a term of two years by active members of the chapters in the respective regions. Day-to-day operations of the A.B.A. are directed by a General Secretary, a position appointed by a unanimous vote of current members of the Board; however, the Board retains the sole authority to select the location and dates of the National Invitational Tournament, subject only to the procedures and restrictions set forth in Article I of the American Boccelism Association’s Code of Laws.

The A.B.A. encourages variety and diversity by not mandating any strict set of rules for the various chapters to follow, recognizing that the different local flavors have made the game what it is today. The Code of Laws is binding only at the National Invitational Tournament, though members are encouraged to look to the Code for guidance, particularly in interregional matches.

Chapters that wish to be included in the Official National Database are encouraged to submit results of chapter play and individual player statistics; please note that only case play conducted in accordance with the Code of Laws will merit inclusion in the National Database. Results and statistics from cases played under local rules will be posted only on the chapter pages, but may also be included in news articles for the edification and entertainment of the wider boccelism community.

All Board members, the General Secretary, and any other Officers, Officials, or Assistants that the Board may appoint are unpaid volunteers and receive no compensation for their services to the A.B.A.

boccelism, It's a blast.

This Week's Featured Player

boccelism, It's a blast.

Jeff Lell gets his wooo on in preparation for the Ton80 Home For Wayward Dogs And Darters Housewarmingpalooza on August 5th, Jeff and Staci will be rolling out the welcome mat as the Walker Drive Tossing Grounds see their first action. WOOOOO!!!!

boccelism, It's a blast.


Standings for the 2012 APB regular season can be seen here.

Complete statistics and results from the 2011 APB Championship Tournament are now available.

To view the Official All-Time Statistics, download these player stats.

What's your handicap? Take a look here.

Updated 5/22/12

boccelism, It's a blast.

Boccélism Term
of the Moment


(noun) - A descriptive term for a toss which strikes only the rim of one or the other of thebuckets.

boccelism, It's a blast.
boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast.
boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast. boccelism, It's a blast.